Yelmo 2003 "Unofficial Photographer" Hall of Fame

Juan Gamez  ::::::::  Txema Aguilar  ::::::::  Xavier Cazorla  ::::::::  Arturo Barcena  ::::::::  Vallelados Finest

Quality photos by Juan Gamez (, of the spanish Paragliding Forum. 

Click on each photo to see an enlarged version. 

1. Spectacular view of the takeoff. Check out the conglomeration of multicoloured flying "mushrooms" to the right of the take off. Superd photo.
2. Another great view of the morning traffic jam, this time complete with paraglider pilot legs for authenticity.
3. WOW!!! Thermal  Alley...and this is NOT a competition, just a couple of hundred sunday pilots, oh and a few world champion acrobats having a lazy glide on top of the biggest natural park in europe (The Cazorla Mountains).
4. Brilliant!!! This is the whole festival ina photo. In the enlarged version you can see, helicopter, landing zone, beer tents, bouncy castle, car park...keen eyes and photo enhancing software are needed to spot that really cute hostess from Airex ;-)
5. View of the village of Ornos and it's Dam.

Ornos is where you go if you want to swim in it's natural streams or in it's huge dam.

It's also where you go if you didn't manage to book accomodation in "Cortijos", the center of the paragliding least during the festival.

6. Cortijos Nuevos, yesireebob, it's the center of the universe.

If you're amongst the best paraglider pilots in the world you'll eventually end up here having toast and tomatoes for breakfast.

7. Raul Rodriguez in his new Edel "Funky", a radical wing, and Felix (I think?) with the sky to themselves, about to do something breathtaking no doubt.

Check out Juan's Videos below to see just what they got up to....

8. Another view of the slightly crowded takeoff area.
9. Sniff! That's the's in Jaen, southern Spain.....sniff!...and I'm in Madrid....what was it mohammed said about moving mountains?

...and to top it all off some videos of the Rodriguez brothers doing their stuff.....
(to see these videos you need Windows Media Player 9, a good conection and a little luck)

Juan Gamez  ::::::::  Txema Aguilar  ::::::::  Xavier Cazorla  ::::::::  Arturo Barcena  ::::::::  Vallelados Finest